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Father Jacques Hamel and the Faith of Europe

Father Jacques Hamel

Another Islamic massacre, this time of an octogenarian priest, Father Jacques Hamel, saying Mass in a church in Saint Etienne de Rouvray in the northwest of France.  ISIS has claimed responsibility, with promises of more attacks 'on churches':  These Islamists are nothing if not symbolic, with their own form of 'liturgy', working on behalf of their distorted image of God and His law. Francois Hollande, Le President of the Republic, has vowed 'war on ISIS', denouncing such random and absurd ... (Continue reading)

Faith Flicks: Sources of Inspiration or Despair?

catholic cinema

It seems that there is something stirring in the movie-making business of late. Namely, religious themes are reappearing on the radar in a more positive light to appease the niche counter-cultural audience that has proven it still carries some clout at the ticket booth. Even if it’s just a matter of throwing them a bone for cash rewards, the effects are still perceivable in the long view from the bleachers. As a Catholic Christian myself, I would be inclined to welcome ... (Continue reading)

Facing East, and Other Thoughts

facing east

As I have mentioned previously, Cardinal Sarah, the head of the Congregation of Divine Worship (so the highest authority in these matters besides the Pope himself) has asked for priests to return to the ad orientem mode of saying Mass, worshiping 'with the people', facing the 'East' and the return of Christ, as was done for millennia prior to the revision after the Second Vatican Council.  As this article by Christopher Ruddy in First Things makes clear, sadly, the ... (Continue reading)

Calum and Tina’s Childless Choice: A Reflection on Parenthood


From: The National Post, July 16 2016. The headlines proclaimed it, in a his and her perspective, on why a young-ish, urbanite couple plan never and, they mean never, never, never in the Taylor Swiftian sense, to have children.  The mother, excuse me, the 'wife', Tina Marsh tells her side, then the 'man', Calum, his.  Yes, I use scare quotes, since he in particular mans not up to his station ... (Continue reading)

Winter of the Soul: A Spiritual Analysis of the Game of Thrones Pop Culture Phenomena

game of thrones

Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO series based off of George R.R. Martin’s high fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire, is a presently unavoidable part of popular culture. Praised for its high production values, including acting, costuming, setting, and cinematography, and dubbed one of the “epic sagas of our times”, the program has sent fantasy-lovers flocking to it in droves, in spite of (or unfortunately, perhaps because of) the fact that is also infamous for its X-rated ... (Continue reading)

King Henry’s Anglicanism Gone Awry

Anglican same sex

The headline the other day read that the Anglican 'Church of Canada' had rejected same-sex 'marriage' in their recent synod by one measly vote. Now, just yesterday, lo and behold, what some might consider by a Deus ex machina recount, they realize that, in fact, some votes were not counted properly, and they have indeed endorsed same-sex marriage by the slimmest of margins. The vote likely won't matter all that much.  Many delegates declared that they would have gone ahead ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis July 13: Laws, Trump and post-Brexit

Nota in Brevis July 13: Laws, Trump and post-Brexit

For those of you who, perhaps rightly so, misconstrued my article on the collapse of the rule of law, please do be aware that my intention was not to present an anti-cop, nor pro-'Black Lives Matter' piece, but rather to use the current situation in America to show that 'law', understood in the broad sense as a balance of authorities, is breaking down, a result of the more fundamental crumbling of ... (Continue reading)

Potty Mouth: A Reflection on ‘Swearing’


I have been asked to write about what is euphemistically, and rather incorrectly, known as 'swearing'.  We have all perhaps heard our younger siblings yell, "Muuuum! Jimmy swore!". Yet Jimmy did not really 'swear', unless he is beyond his years, or brought into a court of law.  Swearing literally is taking a solemn oath, only permitted, as Scripture and Saint Thomas make clear, under the most serious of circumstances. One swears by something higher than oneself, as Christ said, often by ... (Continue reading)

Saint Benedict: Ora et Labora

saint benedict

Today is the feast of Saint Benedict (ca. 480-547), the father of Western monasticism and one of the main forces in preserving Western culture through the tumultuous years of post-antiquity. His retreat from the world, paradoxically, is what saved the world, as he and his monks, guided by Benedict’s wise and prudent regula or rule (well worth a persual even by laymen), worked and prayed, copying manuscripts, turning arid soil into fruitful farmland, developing Gregorian chant (not just the most ... (Continue reading)

Trudeau at Auschwitz: A Study in Irony

trudeau auschwitz

Our poseur Prime Minister, who loves backdrops, as do most politicians I suppose, fresh from his front-and-centre presence at the licentious ‘Gay Pride’ Parade, just visited what remains of the labour/death camps at Auschwitz.  A curious juxtaposition, one might think. I was at Auschwitz last May, and you may peruse my own thoughts if you are so inclined, but here is what Justin Trudeau, described in the National Post as “sombre and visibly moved”, while wiping away tears, penned ... (Continue reading)

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