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Laetare, O Maria


A blessed solemnity of the Annunciation, when the divine Word was made incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary.  When Dionysius Exiguus, who formulated what we now know as the calendar in 525 A.D., he assigned March 25 as the first day of the year, since that was when the new covenant of grace began, Man's true nature and destiny were revealed, and his salvation begun.  It remained New Year's Day in England until 1752, and the universal Church ... (Continue reading)

British Terrorism, Big Brother and M 103

big brother

Motion M-103 passed in the House of Commons this afternoon, by a margin of 201 to 91, meaning that there are 201 people in charge of legislation in this country who know not the meaning nor the purpose of human law (and many of them are, I presume, lawyers). Yes, the media are all clamouring that this is not technically a 'law', but rather a 'motion', and has no binding power, at least not yet, but that difference is somewhat ... (Continue reading)

Bill M-103 and the Abuse of Power via Language


(Parliament may effectively vote into law today with the third reading of Motion 103, which would be propaedeutic to making any criticism of Islam illegal, under the broad and vague notion of 'Islamophobia'.  I wrote of this recently, but the government's interference in the use of language is always a troubling sign, one that goes along with every dictatorial regime. But as John Paul II warned, 'a democracy without values quickly turns into a thinly disguised totalitarianism'.  The thoughts I ... (Continue reading)

Idle, No More, Please

eric idle

Eric Idle, of Monty Python comedy troupe fame, has recently tweeted that 'climate change deniers' (one of the few groups remaining,  in this Disney-esque world-of-universal tolerance, upon which opprobrium can be piled without guilt) should be punished in an international court, and that such nefarious and recalcitrant malfeasants be 'put down gently'; one may suppose he means in the euthanistic sense. Mr. Idle, as those of a certain age or milieu may recall, is the same individual who played in ... (Continue reading)

Ite Ad Joseph

saint joseph

Saint Joseph was proclaimed the patron of this country at its very origins, by none other than Samuel de Champlain himself, on March 19, 1624, a choice later ratified by Pope Urban VIII.  Although Canada has gone through many trials, and seems to heading for many more, like his guidance of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph will see us through, one way or the other. It is a curious parallel in providence that the secondary patrons of this country, the ... (Continue reading)

Monsignor Vincent Foy: Requiescat in Pace

(Courtesy LifeSite News)

Monsignor Vincent Foy passed away to his eternal rest on the night of March 13, after a long and fruitful life as a priest of God.  He would have turned 102 years old on the vigil of the next solemnity of the Assumption, August 14th.  I had the honour and privilege of attending his 75th anniversary of ordination in June, 2014, and thought this reflection by Terry Mc Dermott written at the time would be a most appropriate way to ... (Continue reading)

Saint Patrick’s Day after a Brief Hiatus


A very blessed and joyous Saint Patrick's Day to all our readers, after a brief hiatus due to technical issues, for which we heartily apologize. Think of it as part of your, and our, Lenten sacrifice. But anon, now that we are back in business, so to speak, I will be posting an article or two for your perusal in the next while, along with other odds and ends. And thank you for your loyalty and patience. Pax et gaudium Christi et Mariae,  jpm Editor, ... (Continue reading)

Women’s Day and the Two Trudeaus

justin and sophie

Yesterday, I alluded briefly to Sophie-Gregoire Trudeau, and how she had taken Emma Watson on a scooter ride around Ottawa upon the latter's visit to the capital city last year. One would think they would be fellow travelers in more ways than one, sharing the feminist goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Well, let me eat my words, or at least nibble them a bit. On this 'International Women's Day', Ms. Trudeau made the capital sin against feminism by ... (Continue reading)

The Long and Short of Nukes and Koreans


The North Koreans have tested yet another potentially-intercontinental missile, this one reaching scant 1000 km before crashing into the sea.  Not bad, some might say, for the impoverished country, but one uses the term ‘intercontinental’ with a grain of salt, for they have a long way to go yet.  The distance from Pyongyang to Los Angeles is 9569 km, so any long-jong missile has to have another 8000 kilometres of juice before it can hit the continental U.S.  Anchorage ... (Continue reading)

The Hope and Joy of Lent

ash wednesday

Today we begin the great journey of Lent, a name derived from an olde-Germanico-English word for 'spring', as in renewal, rejuvenation, a pruning and winnowing, so that new and vibrant growth may take root and flourish.  We deny our insatiable souls the pleasure of certain permitted but not necessary things, re-attune ourselves in our relationship with God through the dialogue of prayer, and force ourselves to go a bit out of our comfort zone in helping others, not least in ... (Continue reading)

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