08 Apr 2014

Our March 2014 cover artist, Joseph Ferrant, is the sixth of eight children. He is currently studying English and Theatre at Redeemer University and is ... (read more...)

10 Mar 2014Zachariah

15 Dec 2013A Christmas Carol

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Fun cartoon
Efficiency and computers
18 Apr 2014

I neither like nor dislike computers. I suppose I think computers are rather ugly things, useful for doing boring or repetitious tasks quickly, but that ... (read more...)

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Good Friday reflections
18 Apr 2014

Lent is a time to renew our baptismal calling to fast from the world and to draw closer to Christ. It is ... (read more...)

17 Apr 2014Have mercy on me, O God

15 Apr 2014Are you being served?

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A True Account of the Life and Death of St. Edmund Arrowsmith
14 Apr 2014

A young man had contracted an incestuous match with his cousin before a Protestant Minister. Fr. Arrowsmith, who performed his functions in those parts, often ... (read more...)

31 Mar 2014Wanderings

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