S.A.D.S, Bieber and the Pope


I did not know that Ray Liotta had died, in his sleep. He was in the midst of filming a new movie, and engaged to be married, so seemed in good health. It’s not quite out of the ordinary for a 67-year old to go that way – the old ticker has only so many ticks -but there seems to be a growing trend of people not-that-old, and with (apparently) no pre-existing conditions, to just suddenly expire.

What is odd are the increasing number of much younger people, fit and in the prime of life, dropping dead. Athletes, teenyboppers, twenty and thirty-somethings – and the list is growing daily. Doctors are ‘baffled’, having no apparent explanation. There was SIDS, a vague diagnosis to describe whatever it was that caused infants to die suddenly, usually at night, in their cribs. Now, we have SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome when their (previously) healthy hearts just stop beating. The claim is made that both SIDS and SADS are equally mysterious.

Are they, though? Suspiciously, many of these deaths occur at some point soon after receiving a Covid vaccine. This does not necessarily imply causation, and the connection is disputed, ‘tut, ‘tut, nothing to see here, it’s been around for a long time…But this sudden and unabating spike in cases should prompt investigation. As one physician, trained in the good old days in Scotland, mentioned to me with his dry Scotch understatement: “Do fit 19-year-old lacrosse players just keel over? Yes, but not often”. For those pondering the jab, or further jabs, at the very least a prudent degree of caution is in order, to put it mildly.

Since the advent of this vaccine, there has been a significant and troubling rise also in blood clots, myocarditis, infarctions, sterility, stillbirths, and neurological damage. Various countries, seeing the writing on the wall, have scrapped their vaxx protocols entirely, but we in Canada hang on with Tam’s and Trudeau’s intransigence, who have just tripled down, with three doses now required to be considered ‘fully vaxxed’. Will people continue to submit? Even the recent suspension of travel restrictions still requires testing of the un-vaxxed, and their quarantining for fourteen days upon return. What makes this more baffling is that the purported vaccine does not even seem to work, with infection rates just as high, or higher, in the jabbed than those not, most of whom are already likely naturally immune. (Witness Dr. Fauci himself, reportedly double vaxxed plus two boosters, who has recently come down with Covid). Isn’t the first requirement of a vaccine that it prevent the illness it’s meant to vaccinate you against?

Yet the response of Biden and Trudeau and Macron and the rest of them is to jab you all the more, with boosters every year, every six months…What was that definition of insanity?

Whatever is going on here can only be ignored or suppressed for so long. Justin Bieber just posted a video of his facial paralysis which, like all things Bieber, has gone mega-viral. Even with his exhibitionism, why he did so is not clear. He makes no explicit connection to the jab, and does not even admit to being vaxxed. Proof of such is required for all his concert-goers, however, so it would be strange if he were not. His 26-year old wife also just suffered a mini-stroke. Hmm. Is he trying to say something, without actually saying it, held hostage by the zeitgeist? Could even the Bieber be cancelled? Might we soon be facing a tsunami of such ‘events’ amongst the Hollywood and media elite?

49 governors in the States have just signed an order to ensure coronavirus vaccines for children under 5. Why, you may ask, when children scarcely even know they’ve had Covid, and that bout seems to offer far more effective immunity, if not lifelong, than the purported vaxx. What that will imply in the weeks, months and even years ahead is anyone’s guess. The only holdout was Ron de Santis in Florida. God bless his courageous soul; he certainly does seem to be ‘amongst the saints’.

What we need is a proper causative model, not just for how these purported vaccines work (still disputed, even amongst experts), but, more to the point, how they might be wreaking such damage, especially in the young. But few in mainstream medicine and media are interested. (Here is one physician’s model). Is this Covid, the vaccine, or a mixture of both? The un-vaxxed don’t seem to be suffering anywhere near the same rates of these dire effects, including SADS. A proper study would have helped determine that, instead of foisting this not-fully-tested genetic manipulation on the entire human population.

Yet most doctors are still either fully on board, or blasé. Some are now quietly ignoring these protocols, likely with some embarrassment and shame at what they have already wrought.

And what of our Church? The Pope seems unfazed, having just tweeted out an exhortation for the entirety of the African continent to get vaxxed, with no caveats about its connection to abortion, or its potential for harm. Add to that a disconcerting collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and the Vatican, whose tendrils are complex, but one can start by following the money, as the saying goes. Africa has nearly 1.3 billion people, and counting, with the highest birth rates in the world. That’s a lot of vaccines, and a lot of dough to be made.

I can only hope that the Pope knows not what he tweets. How many deaths and injuries will it take before this is all reconsidered, and reckoning made? People might even start thinking that SADS is not a bug, but a….

Whoa, surely, that’s the stuff not of science, but of science fiction.

Isn’t it?