My Reason to Believe: A Eucharistic Poem

We are called to be Christ’s Light to the world and to spread the Gospel to all, unabashedly. The Holy Spirit gives us the courage and wisdom to do this, if we but allow Him in our hearts. Lo! Think also on the graces Our Lord gives us each time we receive Him in Holy Communion, to go and spread the one true Faith to all we encounter! The heart of our Faith, the Source and Summit of all we’ve been given, is Our Lord, Himself. He gave Himself on the Cross and in a perpetual re-presentation of His Sacrifice, He gives Himself to us each Holy Communion. We may be tempted by others to think we can believe as we wish, and that this is our truth. But remember this, dear sisters in Christ. Christ has given us the Truth, we don’t make something true because we believe it to be so. We don’t make the Body and Blood of our Lord exist because we believe it to be true. He did this for us, and because of that, we believe.

What but as bread, This appears to be
Is You, Lord, it’s truly Thee
It is You, Lord, I now receive
This is true, not just because I believe

My belief cannot create
Can’t sew a seed, give man a mate
Can’t fashion out of dust
One who knows You, merciful and just

Alone, I am capable of but sin
Despite this belief I hold within
No, my belief doth not make You to be
Nor do You exist because You, I see

To You alone this glory belongs
To be praised in all earthly songs
It is You Who instills this Faith in me
You, Who inspires my will to believe



(Danielle Erwin is a Catholic wife, a homeschooling mother of 5, and she loves writing poetry whenever the Holy Spirit inspires her! She has published a book of poetry she wrote after her miscarriages (Holding On: Poems on Coping With Loss After Miscarriage ) and a book of poetry on the Catholic Faith (Something More: Poetic Moments With God ).