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Our January artist, Justin Jensen, studied illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After graduation, he traveled through Europe and decided there was an amazing potential for beauty in art. He decided to continue studying painting at Colorado State University. He currently teaches online at RMCAD and is collaborating with a friend on illustrating a children’s book about the Eucharist. What is this piece about? This is a depiction of Zachariah—the father of St. John the ... (Continue reading)

Why I blog and why you should too


Computer technology, social media and its users have been stigmatized and blamed for much of the world’s problems. Everything from illiteracy to a decrease in IQ is blamed in part on technology and sometimes on blogs and bloggers themselves. And perhaps there is something to it? I mean, everyone and their dog (literally!) has a blog. Blogs are free, easy to start, and anyone can write anything about anything. Bloggers use the platform for their own agendas, which could range from ... (Continue reading)

If God exists…

"If God exists, why did He make us all different? Why didn't He make us all one colour, one religion? Then we wouldn't keep fighting each other. There's been wars ever since the world began. Why would God allow that?" These questions were directed to me by an avowed atheist whom I'll call "Jack," an elderly person who sometimes brings up the topic of religion. On this particular day, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of rabbis, priests, ministers—anyone in a ... (Continue reading)

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