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Sugar and fat and carbs. Oh my!

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At a restaurant the other day, I couldn’t help but notice a couple beside us stuffing themselves silly with everything I love—fat, sugar, carbs, and alcohol. Not a veggie in sight. I think I stared at them for a bit (not being able to control myself), floored at the amount of food pounded back, and by the carbohydrat-ic calories consumed. Must be nice to be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, with no thought to gastrointestinal distress or ... (Continue reading)

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The Sixth Love Language


We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, a gigantic milestone in our secular culture as we have been married almost three times as long as most celebrities and 226 times longer than Brittany Spears’ first marriage (it lasted 55 hours). When people find out it’s a "big" anniversary they inevitably ask what our secret is for a happy marriage—and I must confess that I don’t have one. I don’t think there is a secret to happy marriages. Good marriages come in all shapes and sizes ... (Continue reading)

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Searching for God in a shallow grave


A while back I attended a funeral for a non-practicing Catholic. A spiritual-but-not-religious person led a short, non-denominational service replete with twangy songs about "hay-ven," celebration, honour, and priceless legacy. Finally the deceased's life was recounted in soothing tones to a sleepy crowd. I got up halfway through the ten-minute service and left the room only because I couldn't bear the embarrassment of sitting through one more twang. I tried to envision the deceased standing in the presence of the mighty ... (Continue reading)

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The Adventure of Letting Go

Five years ago, in the middle of a pretty rough semester at university, during which I had struggled with some health issues and some friend issues and a massive pile of schoolwork, I sat in the adoration chapel feeling utterly depleted. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and lost. Over the next few weeks everything continued to spiral downwards, and in a natural reaction I held on tighter to what I could control. My schedule became even more rigid and my personal ... (Continue reading)

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If God exists…

"If God exists, why did He make us all different? Why didn't He make us all one colour, one religion? Then we wouldn't keep fighting each other. There's been wars ever since the world began. Why would God allow that?" These questions were directed to me by an avowed atheist whom I'll call "Jack," an elderly person who sometimes brings up the topic of religion. On this particular day, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of rabbis, priests, ministers—anyone in a ... (Continue reading)

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A Mother’s Prayer

I stood by helplessly and watched as a text message received by one of my older children instantly transformed a situation of promise into a state of uncertainty. My child was visibly disappointed and frustrated. All I could do was give a reassuring hug and offer some words of consolation. Throughout my work day, I prayed for my child, my heart heavy at seeing my child's sadness. Before they are born, we pray for our children. Our prayers are full of ... (Continue reading)

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Whom do you serve?

At the back of our parish there is a poster with two pictures on it. The first picture is of a computer/TV screen and the second is of a monstrance, with the words “Whom do you worship?” in bold script underneath. We’re standing on the threshold of Advent 2012—one liturgical year coming to a close and another beginning—and I think it so fitting that the Church wraps up the liturgical year with a celebration of Jesus Christ the King. There ... (Continue reading)

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