Vote in Parliament Tonight on Emergencies Act

The Canadian Parliament is closing up debate on this issue, and will vote tonight (Monday) at 8 p.m. on the Emergencies Act, for which there seems no need, and never was a need. Thousands of police officers to ‘break up’ and ‘illegal’ protest – perhaps the most peaceful in modern history, besides the March for Life. And one that was facilitated by police in the first place, as the truckers parked their rigs on Wellington and other streets for weeks. If all this was inherently illegal, why wasn’t it nipped in the bud? Did perhaps Trudeau need a ruse, as an excuse to impose martial law?

The Senate will still have to vote, if this does pass, but I can’t remember the last time they went against the will of the Liberals.

If there are any truly illegal actions by protestors in the near future, they can be dealt with by our civil laws, which are broad and robust enough – too much so, in this writer’s opinion – to deal with transgressions and threats, outside of open war, for which this measure was originally intended. Is Trudeau at war? And with whom? The people of Canada?

To put this all in perspective, look over the pond to Britain, which is set to end all Covid restrictions – yes, all of them, leaving it up to individual’s to exercise discretion and prudence, as we have done for endemic illnesses from time immemorial. Imagine that.

Trudeau, in poker terms, is on tilt, for reasons known only to him, and we need an end to what is becoming an unhinged situation, mocked and criticized across the world. The tide is turning, we may hope, back to normalcy and sanity.

So please do pray that that tide of basic common sense washes over and into the hearts and minds of our parliamentarians, including that intention in your prayers tonight, not least in all your family rosaries. The simple, humble and guileless petitions of children are powerful indeed in the sight of God!

Our Lady, Saint Joseph and all Canadian martyrs and saints, orate pro nobis! +