The Limits of Science, Making Moral Choices and Keeping Our Eyes on the Horizon

I have an article published in Catholic World Report, on the Limits of Science and how science might – and might not – guide what moral decisions we make. Peruse as you will, and it will appear here in due time, perhaps in modified form, for it is difficult to keep up with things in this passing world, which seems to be passing more quickly with each passing day.

Here at Catholic Insight, we strive to focus more on universal and transcendent truths, rather than follow in their minutiae events – the ever-changing laws, protocols. Others, such as LifeSite, do this much better than we ever could. We’d like to help readers see things sub specie aeternitatis, under the aspect of eternity, on the horizon and the end and purpose of this life. Hence, the focus on saints, doctrine, liturgy, even music and, at times, art, without losing sight of our feet still pilgrimaging in this world.

We should be willing to dialogue with others, as Pope Benedict advocated in his seminal 2006 Regensburg Address, in a true dia-logos, an exchange of reason, ideas, so long as others are willing to do so. The only other option, as the gentle Pontiff went on to conclude, is violence, might making right – and we see all too many instances of that unfolding before us.

In the midst of that, maintaining our inner peace, founded on the truth – whatever turmoil betide – will not only save our souls, but many others around us. As Saint Seraphim of Sarov put it: Acquire the spirit of peace, and a thousand souls around you will be saved.

The peace that surpasses the understanding of this frantic and anxious world.