The Dogma is the Drama

In light of the insipidity – and insidiousness – of the Synod on Synodality, with the apparent attempt of some of its members to dissolve key teachings of the Church by bland aphorisms, here is a bracing, brief essay by the author, critic, playwright Dorothy Sayers – best known for her detective fiction, but an eminent scholar in other respects (including a fine translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy).

Mrs. Sayers was not a Catholic, but a devout High Anglican, which back in her day was about as close to Catholic one might get outside the one, true Church. And, like her contemporary C.S. Lewis, very Catholic in her thought and sympathies. Were she alive today, she might well convert in a moment – presuming she could see through the current mess and scandal in the Church, but I would presume she might.

Anon, here is The Dogma is the Drama, which should be required reading for the synod participants.