‘Our Lady of Public Health’

On this feast of Saint Luke, physician and healer, it is a propos that we post a link to a series of insightful and intriguing essays on our health-and-safety obsessed world, by the doughty Douglas Farrow, professor of theology and ethics at McGill university. In his vivid words, he sums up our current, and very unhealthy, approach to health, under the title of ‘Our Lady of Public Health’, and please don’t get the wrong idea: This is a parody of the true Alma Mater Dei – nourishing Mother of God – and rather a distorted ‘devotion’, akin to the goddess of reason worshiped in those first heady days of the French Revolution – and the reader may refresh his memory of what happened afterwards – a bloody, top-down persecution by the state upon all who disagreed or were ‘anti-revolutionary’.

As Dr. Farrow implies, we can avoid such a fate, by getting back to reality, to the solid Catholic notion of subsidiarity, that health does not belong to the state, and that a one-size-fits-all, imposed from the top down, is a recipe for disaster. Treating everyone as a leper and pariah of everyone else is, by definition, in-sane – unhealthy in the extreme. And this is before we get to more malevolent theories of what is going on.

This fight isn’t over, even if we lost most of our bodily right and autonomy with the misguided notion of ‘universal health care’ for all. Keep in mind that whatever your views, there is still ‘vaxx-apartheid’ here in Canada. You cannot work in a hospital, nor adopt a child nor, apparently, even receive an organ donation – a death sentence for many – unless you are boosted up with the genetic mRNA therapy that they have taken to call a ‘vaccine’. And the evidence seems at this point well beyond any reasonable doubt that not only does  this ‘therapy’ not seem to work, but is and has been harmful to many, even ad mortem:

Exhibit A, amongst untold others: The poster child for the ‘vaxx’ in Israel, Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, has just died of a heart attack – at the age of 8. And this after Argentina’s own poster child, Santino Godoy Blanco, ‘died suddenly‘ last year of double pneumonia.

We should not take schadenfreude at such dark and bitter ironies – this is a tragedy beyond such, and physicians and politicians will pay for whatever willful and culpable malfeasance, in this world, or the next. What is particularly disconcerting is the insouciance, if not outright compliance, of Catholics which, in the face of growing evidence, becoming ever-more difficult to justify and exculpate.

The first principle of medicine and all healing arts, bodily and spiritual – primum non nocere – seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, and we pray that in the path ahead they find it again.

At the very least, we should have the right to make up our own minds about our own bodies and health care, not least for our children, and not dictated to by some distant and faceless bureaucrat at an even more faceless organization called WHO – if said bureaucrat is even human, and not some AI cipher.

Truth and freedom – they go together in glory, or perish together in misery. The choice is yours, and all of ours.