A Few Good Men, and the Tragic Tale of the Renfrew School Board


As mentioned previously, a concerned parent, and former teacher, L.J. Helferty, gave an address a couple of weeks ago to the Renfrew School Board, in response to the ‘transgender’ policies that have been put in place, that boys who think they are girls – or even say so – may use the girls’ washrooms and changerooms.

Mr. Helferty’s address was measured, thoughtful, rational, faith-based, courageous and, all in all, irrefutable. The reader may find his words here: Remarks to the Renfrew District School Board – Helferty

The reader may find guidelines for educators promulgated by the Toronto Archdiocese here (these are not official polices of the school board, as previously stated): Pastoral Guidelines for Educators – Toronto

And, finally, the reader may find the reply of the Board here, replete with a sprinkling of spiritual saccharine justifying their scandalous policy, here: Feb resp RCCSB

The primary concern in all of this is the Catholicity of the school system, which seems to have kowtowed to the Orwellian-named “Human Rights Commission Policy and Ministry of Education Policy”. In their own words:

We truly believe that within publicly funded Catholic education across Ontario we have a
moral imperative to present the teachings of our Faith, educating hearts and minds in the way of Christ. In our contemporary society, we are also called by Christ to adopt a pastoral
approach to ensure that we accompany the youth in our community through their lived
experiences, while we meet the obligations of the human rights’ legal framework.

Whatever pastoral approach one might take – single-use washrooms suggested by Mr. Helferty come to mind – I don’t think Christ looks too kindly upon the policy of allowing naked mixed-sex intermingling in washrooms and changerooms, violating chastity and privacy. Scandal and little ones and all that. The first obligation of teachers is not to secular human rights’ codes,  but to do no harm to their student’s, especially of the spiritual sort. As Christ warns, you cannot serve two masters, for you will love the one, and hate the other.

Might the bishop exercise some level of episcopal oversight and authority? We may recall his obligation to ensure that all those purporting to be Catholic – especially teachers – live up to that name, at least in some minimal sense, as per canon 803?

Meanwhile, Josh Alexander, the sixteen-year old student who has made headlines opposing this nonsense, has been suspended for, as he alleges, stating his objection to the teacher in class that there were ‘multiple genders’, as well as defending the right of the young women in the school to their own washrooms. Their honour and dignity needs to be protected, and there’s precious few good men around up to the task. So man up, Canada, and shame not thy forefathers!

On that note, today is the anniversary, in 1649, of the martyrdoms of the last two of the Canadian martyrs, Saint Jean de Brebeuf and Gabriel Lalement (the latter surviving until the following morning, after their horrific ordeal). One wonders what they would have thought of Canada, half a millennium on.

I know not all the background to Josh’s story, but, after his suspension, he was arrested for trying to come back to class. My advice? Don’t bother. Find a real Catholic school, preferably a private one, or read at home. You’ll be better off in short and long run.

Josh has made international headlines, and just the other day had a brief spot on Tucker Carlson. The lad is laconic, but makes his case, in his own few-words sort of way. Tucker is more voluble, asking ‘what is happening in Canada?’. (Caveat: There’s more than a bit of dissing Canada in these few minutes – but what is one to expect?).

Kudos to Josh for standing up for truth, and he is to be commended, not arrested, for it. One of the ironies in all of this is that Josh isn’t even Catholic, but still a Christian.

Vaya con Dios, and stay strong in the truth. Saint Patrick would do no less.