Tam, Vaccines, Physicians and the Church

Theresa Tam is an odd, mysterious person, about whose past we know little, except that for years she has been involved in various globalist endeavours, as are most of Trudeau’s inner circle, especially the now-nearly-omnipotent and ominously named WHO. Tam’s recommendation of faceless masked sex – yes, a mouth condom to protect from you-now-what, never mind the mortal sin and all that, for why would married couples mask up? – put her into weirdo category for me, and someone from whom I would not normally take advice, medical or otherwise. Will she mandate the vaccine? She’s hinting that way, and certainly wants to censor any ‘anti-vaxxer misinformation’. But peruse the above link; there has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus, not least since they mutate, and once one vaccine sort of works, you need another. They’re already talking about multiple vaccines to inoculate everyone. But, as with the draconian protocols, the cure may be worse than the disease.  We will wait and see, one day at a time, let the evil of the day be sufficient thereof, and so on. More to say on the vaccine in an article on the ‘Limits of Obedience’ soon enough.

Physicians across this fair dominion, and south of the border, especially those in any governmental role, the ‘Dr. Bonnie Henrys’ , with their soothing maternal tones, are feeling their new-found medico-pontifical powers to close, open, partly open, then totally close again, churches and the whole sacramental system with a wave of their stethoscopes. Much of Canada is under an interdict so vast, so wide, so long lasting, that even the most anathema-wielding of popes would not have dared impose such universal decrees. And the new liturgical vestment of the ‘mask’ is now-near ubiquitous, enforced with far more rigour than any moral law of living memory. Those living in public, manifest and unrepentant grave sin – all the pro-death squad – may come and go as they please – understandable to some extent, in light of the Church’s patience with the wayward and recalcitrant, a hospital for sinners, and all that – but the maskless, they must be cast into the outer darkness, forthwith, no exceptions. What, we may at least ask, are our scale of values, and where do we place our treasure? Fear not him who can kill the body, but the soul…

The already-shaky edifice of the ecclesia moderna and her lawyered-up chanceries and episcopacies are folding like a deck of old playing cards before our new secular lordships, and one wonders what will be left standing when this is all over (Will I find faith on earth?). For over it will be, at some point, even if the Church must go into schism, and/or underground. Certainly, things cannot be sustained much longer the way they are, with a Church submissive to an all-powerful secular State that doesn’t give much of a damn about souls, not least since they don’t believe in them, neither souls nor damnation. But both will become evident in due course, and we can only hope that they, and we all, examine the state of the former, and so avoid the latter. For now, we must just wait for the right moment, when Deus sic vult – God so wills, Who, as a provident Father, will give us eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, which will stand, even in her remnant, unto the end of time, as the pillar and bulwark of truth.

Pax et gaudium ad omnes, in this season of light and grace +