I AM: A Poem

I AM the Way
to heaven’s road
but you cannot come
with such a load
of things so heavy
you think you knead
where only living
bread will feed.

I AM the treasure,
I AM the King,
I AM the wind
beneath your wing
like petals falling
in the midst of May,
for My smallest birds
to carry away;
I scatter My pearls
in the King’s highway.

I AM this bread
Who is lifted up.
I AM this wine
poured in your cup.
Lamb of Sorrows
upon the table,
I AM the Priest,
Firstborn of Abel.

pole star guiding
to aurora’s light;
dark rose hiding
in a garden bright;
Love-gift biding
for Christmas night.
I AM cockcrow,
I AM vesper’s end;
the faithful shelter,
the sturdy friend.

I AM the Life
Who sends My Breath
to resuscitate you
in this valley of death.
I AM the Truth
Who sets you free;
will your face not turn
to look upon Me?