Sunday Musical Offering: Three Emmanuels

For our Sunday musical offering, three versions of the ancient Advent hymn, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, dating back 1200 years to monastic traditions in the 8th or 9th century. The text, originally Latin, with the common English version by John Mason Neale in the 1851, is a musical rendition of the O, Antiphons, prayed and sung by monks in the nine days before Christmas. But we can start preparing now. Ponder all the original verses, which are a very good basis for fruitful meditation. A blessed and grace-filled Advent to one and all!

First, the traditional chant, with harmony, in the original Latin, with the proper antiphons. This, of course, is primary:


Second, a more countrified offering from the Christian family band, the Petersons, with a bonus hymn as a coda.

And, finally, an instrumental from the inimitable Piano Guys: