Silver Linings

The real woman won silver, while the would-be one took the gold. And if there is a silver lining in the debacle of William ‘Lia’ Thomas – the male swimmer who identifies as a woman, and who crushed the real female swimmers against whom he competed – it’s that the absurdity of all this is now being manifest. Even Bruce ‘Caitlin’ Jenner has admitted that we may need a new transgender category for sports. But that would create all sorts of other problems – men transitioning into women is a far different category than women transitioning into men, and what of all the in-betweens and those varying from one side to the other as whim takes them? Lewis Carroll would have marveled.

Thomas, towering and hulking over his competitors, was booed when his first place ‘victory’ was announced, while the second place true winner was loudly and enthusiastically applauded. The truth eventually wins out, even if we must wade through much absurdity, even tragedy on the way to those limpid waters. For there is the farcical side, in the absurdity of Thomas, along with the deeply tragic, the countless people, not least the children hormonally and surgically mutilated in the name of sham ‘science. They need real psychological and spiritual help, which our Prime Minister has recently made illegal. There will be reckoning, et Deus miserere nobis.

The Vatican has promulgated a fine and theologically precise, even profound, reflection on the theme of sex and ‘gender’ in its 2019 ‘Male and Female He Created Them‘. Well worth a perusal.