Real Prairie State Socialism

Pursuant to my thoughts this morning on Kathleen Wynne’s splashing other people’s money around to further fund the public service and, as a happy accidental (?) addendum, also ensure her and her Liberals  a whole swathe of guaranteed votes in the next election, I mentioned that if this larcenous largesse does not stop, we will soon be facing the dire effects of our economic insanity, like the collapse of various social services.

People might think me somewhat drastic, as I mentioned Venezuela.  After all, that could not possibly happen here, could it?  Well soon afterward I came across this tidbit from the state of Illinois, which has now reached the point of brokeness that they will no longer be paving their roads; so best to bypass the Prarie State for that summer road trip, unless you’re driving a Hummer.

Read over also the state of Illinois’ universities further in that same article, as they spend millions on administration and pension, and languish in educational stagnation.  The universities are now rated as junk stock, and we won’t be far behind here in Ontario.

What a mess and a tragedy.  As the commercial from the seventies would have it, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, to say nothing of thousands of minds.

We should be seeing more of this, as economic neccesitites give way to political expediency and grafting.  Let the road chips fall where they may…

We are now midway through June, and a week away from official summer.  May the warm weather keep your hopes and dreams up.