People’s Republic of Insanity

Dr. Don DeMarco, a Canadian, conservative, orthodox philosophy professor – a rare bird – has penned an all-too-real description of the state of Canada as an authoritarian, more-or-less communist regime, just primed for the jackboots, metaphorical or otherwise. Already the pressure is on to ‘conform’, subtle for now, but getting more overt with each passing day, it seems. As the adage goes, resistance is futile, just assimilate. I for one prefer to live free or die. Or, in a more Catholic mode, to live free in the truth which makes us free, or die in the trying.

Idol worship is evil. In fact, one of the worst, for it is the manifestation of a deeper apostasy from the Faith, making something to be one’s ‘god’ that is not God. External acts may signify such idolatry, but idolatry exists primarily in the heart of man, where we all must make that decision for or against God and His Christ: He is not with me, is against me. The Pachamama debacle is one problem, but one wonders how much idolatry there is out there, with the more subtle and insidious ‘worship’ of money, fame, power, prestige, privilege, pleasure. Whatever one concludes on the casting of the Pachamamas to the bottom of the Tiber – which may or may not go down in history like Boniface’s oak – the primary evil we must root out is that idolatry in our hearts, or at least the temptation thereto.

The scene in front of the Toronto library was a disgrace: Protestors protesting – some, calling themselves ‘activists’, do this for a living, it seems – Meaghan Murphy raising questions on ‘transgender’ women – that is, biological males with most or all of the male apparatus – using female washrooms and change rooms. Ms. Murphy argues quite rightly that this is a violation of the freedom and rights of women, to say nothing of girls, particularly their right to privacy in washrooms and change rooms not to have themselves exposed to men, and vice versa, pardon the homonymic pun. Males who think they are females, are still males, for that is God’s decision to make.

As proof thereof, witness – or, then again, don’t – the ‘drag queen’ who revealed his crotch, whether inadvertently or not, to a group of school children at a story hour. As one commentator put it, some day someone going to go to jail for this. Perhaps. But I’d worry more about Hell, for we will certainly all face our judgement before that most just of Judges, who has some harsh words about those who scandalize His little ones.