Motion Defeated, Emergency Measures Act Imminent

As readers may have already heard, the vote today for ending the mandates (at the federal level) failed, with Liberals and NDP’s voting to keep them, and the Conservatives against (to their credit).

At 2 am this morning, they will be ‘voting’ – if that verb even applies anymore – to invoke the Emergency Measures Act, which has never been invoked. The War Measures Act invoked by Pierre Trudeau to end the FLQ crisis in 1970, was abolished in 1998.

The O.P.P. – Ontario’s Provincial Police – are apparently going door to door, knocking on those who have any social media posts supporting the Freedom Rally, giving them ‘warnings’. Just in case, you know. We’re not far from full-bore Chinese/Castro Communism, and those supporting Trudeau’s actions at this point are aiding and abetting the dismantling of what was once known as ‘Canada’.

What unfolds after that is anyone’s guess. There are powers and principalities moving Trudeau and his sycophants – all of them, NDP and Liberal supporters of the culture of death in all its forms – as their chant of ‘vaccines’, in saecula saeculorum becomes more unhinged and surreal, as the rule of law retreats into the rearview mirror.

Stand your ground, dear reader. God made us for these days and this time in history – it is a battle of good versus evil, and you want to be found on the right side.

Deus in adiutorium meum intende!