Might Trudeau Invoke the War Measures Act?

It is entirely possible. The Prime Minister met with all the premiers last night, required to invoke the Act (now called the ‘Emergencies Act’). His own dad invoked this legislation, which gives the Prime Minister nearly unlimited and unchecked powers, during the FLQ crisis in 1970, and the child may follow suit.

What will follow is military force against unarmed protestors, asking that their basic rights and freedoms be restored. A tragic irony.

I hope not. We may hope the vote today to begin removing the federal vaccine mandates, as other countries have already done, and as a number of our own provinces are doing, is the moral, rational and sane way forward.

Pray, dear readers, and gird up your loins if Trudeau shows his inner tyrant.

Our Lady, Saint Joseph and all the Canadian martyrs and saints, orate pro nobis!