Mothers and Mosques

mother expectantWe keep hearing of ever-new insanities, as the academia-media complex tries to shape reality to fit its world-view:  Here we see that physicians in Britain have now been ‘requested’ never to refer to pregnant women as ‘mothers’.  Not because the baby inside them may not be a baby (for, according to our schizophrenic laws, it is a baby if the ‘mother’ says it is, and not, if she says not), but rather, to avoid offending the odd ‘transgendered’ person who is pregnant.  This, presumably, would be a woman, who thinks she is a man, but who is in reality a woman, and pregnant at that But because she identifies as a ‘man’, well then, man she must be, reality notwithstanding, along with the fact that she is pregnant, which is about as real and all-or-none as you can get.

We are in strange, strange times here, and the times are gettin’ stranger all the time.

mosque victims
Victims of the mosque attack. Requiescant in pace. (Courtesy of the Globe and Mail)

I will have some further thoughts on the recent shooting at the mosque in Quebec City but, for now, may God rest the souls of the slain victims, heal quickly those who are wounded, and have mercy on the troubled young-ish man who carried out this heinous act, shooting these men in the back while they were offering their own worship to God.  Father Raymond de Souza is correct, that murder in a sanctuary is despicable indeed.  The ‘Church’, in the broad sense of any place where one adores God, should be inviolable, set apart, even from the intrusions of the State, which is what makes the murder of the Archbishop Thomas a Becket by the henchmen of Henry II so immoral, an immorality immortalized in the poem by T.S. Eliot.

But, then, I will ask the question:  Why should Quebec, a ‘nation’ that has lost its soul and birthright, that has sold its Catholic heritage and secularized itself right to the core, now expect its young citizens, brought up  in such an agnostic and amoral worldview, to respect such a quaint notion as ‘sanctuary’?