It seems as though the technical difficulties – so we shall name them – that have plagued the website the past few days have been resolved, and a large thank you to our readers for your patience and ongoing prayers, as well as to the technical help of Jamez Picard.

We will be posting new material soon enough, as the pilgrimage of life continues, and as we, in Canada, face a federal election in just over a month and a half.

As Paula Adamick reminds us, Pray for Canada!

And please do offer a prayer or two for our students at Seat of Wisdom College, who are arriving this weekend, to begin their studies. While we’re at it, pray for all students, especially for those at the modern indoctrinating universities, where the truth is distorted, falsified, neglected, and faithful young persons finds it ever-more difficult to keep their minds and souls and find their way.

But hope and grace abound, if we have but eyes to see and ears to hear.