Our Lady and Diana


A blessed Saturday of Our Lady to all our readers. The custom of dedicating ferial Saturdays – those with no other memorials or feasts on them, and outside of other liturgical seasons – is a fine one, recalling the Mother of our God and Lord the day before the day dedicated to our God and Lord.

A few thoughts for today: We will have more to say on Andrew Scheer, and his promise never to raise, or allow to be raised, any private members’ bills against the laws on abortion – or lack thereof – or same-sex ‘marriage’. I would recommend Mr. Scheer peruse paragraphs 74 and onwards of Pope Saint John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae on the moral requirement of politicians to work for laws protecting life – as well as family and marriage – and at the very least to let their objections to such laws be known.

This is the anniversary of the mysterious and tragic end to the tragic life of Princess Diana of Wales, back in 1997, as the vehicle in which she was traveling with her paramour Dodi Fayed, trying to dodge the paparazzi, slammed into the wall of a tunnel at high velocity.. Only her bodyguard survived, maimed, injured and amnesic. We will never know the full story, but may God have mercy on their souls

While on tragedies, this last day of August, the ‘long weekend’ of Labour Day, is a nostalgic farewell to summer, even if the season goes for a few more weeks yet. As the fall approaches, we should pray for a defeat of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, even if that means electing Mr. Scheer. I wish there were other viable options, and will have to ponder this over as well. But sometimes, we must choose the less-than-good, to avoid the greater evil that a continued Liberal hegemony would entail for Canada.

Pax et gaudium ad omnes,