Gender Neutrality?

From genderless people to genderless clothing – or is it the other way around? Glancing through the article, even the physiognomy, besides all the cultural phenomena, has become androgynous. I had trouble telling who was the XY and who the XX in the photographs. Or is even saying that sexist?

Not so in this track meet mentioned au passant by Mark Steyn as yet another milestone in our descent into insanity and the abolition of man. Yes, you guessed it by the photo: The first and second place ‘winners’ were transitioning females, which, if I can keep this all straight – pardon the pun – means boys trying to become girls, or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, having more testosterone and muscle mass one way or the other, by nature or by injection, puts one at a rather significant advantage, which is why we always had boys’ and girls’, men’s and women’s, sports. As Steyn goes on to point out, tennis phenom Martina Navratilova – a lesbian whose LGBTQ credentials were until now impeccable – has been shunned from her own ‘community’ for suggesting that transgenderism in sports – having men compete against women – is unfair and cheating. Hmm. Such is the mercilessness of the modern, secular inquisition.

Well, ladies may soon rue the day, as a federal court judge has recently ruled the male-only draft unconstitutional, with apparently now-sexist conscription reaffirmed in a 1981 Supreme Court decision. We will see where this goes, but one might already guess.

War is war, where fashion and mores become necessarily egalitarian and androgynous, and everyone gets a chance to die pro patribus. But do we men – what men are left – want our women-folk, our wives, daughters, nieces, laying down their lives to protect us?  Quite literally perish the thought.

Before we get there, which is nowhere good, I would advise right-minded gents and ladies to push back against this cultural madness, to fight the good fight in the midst of the cultural war in which we are now engaged. One way to begin is to dress and act intentionally as gents and ladies should, in that whole lost notion of masculinity and femininity, sorely and sadly in crisis. For manners maketh the man, and the woman, as the case may be.

More to write on this in reference to motherhood and family, which are really at the core of society, as well as the priesthood, which is at the core of the Church.