Further Thoughts on Pat and Sam

Sam and the other guy Courtesy Hamilton News

As I mentioned in the slightly revised version of my Sam against the Leviathan article, young Sam Oosterhoff, as the balanced but unsympathetic Michael Den Tandt makes clear this morning, is being vilified for his rather moderate traditional views, with one commentator spewing out that an hour in a massage parlour should cure what he likely sees as the uptight young prude.

As others have pointed out, it was curious and rather inexplicable that Sam’s swearing in was delayed until just the day after the vote on the momentous Bill 28, which basically re-wrote our notion of what constitutes a ‘family’ in Ontario.  Was this Patrick Brown trying to ensure a unanimous support for this law, to shed once and for all what he sees as the socially conservative albatross hanging around the neck of the Conservatives, who want to be seen as sort of only slightly less-liberal Liberals?

Of course, all these terms are nonsense.  Laws like this, described as ‘socially progressive’, are in fact socially regressive, undermining the family as the ‘basic cell of society’, without which no society has ever survived.  As Pope Saint John Paul II pointed out, as the family goes, so goes society.

I don’t think Patrick Brown has figured out that the reason the Conservatives have consistently lost elections to incompetents like Dalton McGuinty and deviant-incompetents like Kathleen Wynne is that they have not been conservative enough.  Of course, there are other reasons, of which I have written before, not least the fact that the Liberals can ‘buy’ most of their votes, bribing all those who work for or are dependent upon the government paycheque or dole (and there are ever-increasing legions of them), which has led us to the so-called tyranny of socialism predicted by de Tocqueville.

Perhaps, just maybe, there are enough disaffected ‘social conservatives’ out there to swing the tide a little, as Sam Oosterhoff discovered, a 19-year old homeschooled kid who grew up on a farm, as Den Tandt points out with I detect as some slight underlying derision.  But not a bad resume for others.

Is there, perchance, a viable and fitting leader in the wings of the current federal Political Conservative leadership? I think there may be, but what chance has he?  Alas, I would not hope for a ‘Trump’ effect here in Canada anytime soon.  Any nation that could elect Justin Trudeau to the highest office is far gone indeed, and our youth, and that includes all those well into middle-age, indoctrinated in all the inanities and insanities of the modern university, a veritable right-of-passage of mind and behaviour control, mouth all in unison the ‘liberal’ platitudes, unhinged from reality.

As I always say, however, reality has a way of bringing us back to, yes you know it, reality.  As Nietzsche pointed out, the test of a man is how much of the truth he can take.  Too many of us in Canada don’t seem able to take much, but we may be in for a bit of a dose soon.