Fulton Sheen and the Antichrist

In light of today’s saints, Pontian and Hippolytus, here are Bishop Fulton Sheen’s prophetic words on the Antichrist. As we mentioned in an accompanying post, Hippolytus – ironically himself a sometime anti-Pope – wrote a treatise on the mysterious figure of the anti-Christ, again whom we were warned by Saint John and Saint Paul, and, before that, by Christ Himself, that many would ‘come in His name’, but ‘do not follow them’, for they know not Christ, and have not the Truth. And the summation of all evil figures will be that apocalyptic ‘man of lawlessness’, who will present a façade of goodness, but beneath be filled with all kinds of malice. As we learn today from Saint Peter’s example, we must keep our eyes, our minds and our hearts on Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life – or we will sink into the sea.