Dr. Peter’s Prudence

Prudence is defined as a virtue of the practical reason, by which we discern the true good in every circumstance, and the right means of attaining it. There’s precious little prudence around, but Dr. Peter McCullough seems to have a good dose of it, and what he says makes a lot of sense, with his recommendation of a multi-faceted approach to Covid, and his overall balanced, patient-focused treatment protocol. He has treated hundreds of Covid patients, and advised on thousands, likely saving untold numbers of lives. Of course, he’s been censored from YouTube.

It does bear pondering that two years into this, that, as Dr. McCullough points out, the medical community has no at-home treatment for Covid. Odd. The whole focus is on universal ‘vaccination’ – that is, gene therapy – for all seven billion-plus of us. And as the vaccines seem not to be working, the answer is…more vaccines, for old, young, babies, children. You may recall that old definition of insanity, and it does seem, as the good doctor opines, we are in the midst of a planetary psychosis. More on that in a later post, but for now, listen to his commentary, even in the background as you do your Christmas preparations. We’d likely all be in a better place if his advice, and his prudence, were followed.