Discernment and Making the Right Decisions: Podcast


(A re-post from last fall, after catching up with Bonnie Landry the other day…More podcasts on the horizon, so stay tuned.)

I had an interview the other evening with Mrs. Bonnie Landry, on her popular podcast, ‘Making Joy Normal’. Following upon our previous one on the theme of grace, back in June, this one discusses discernment in the Catholic life, how we might choose not only right from wrong, but also what God’s will might be for us even between what may be two good decisions. For various reasons, we didn’t touch upon covid, ‘vaccines’, mandates, but more on those fractious, controversial and, sadly, divisive issues in later posts. For now, to principles, so that whatever each one of us must face, we may choose according to that same will of God, in which, as Dante says, is our peace.

Happy listening, and any feedback is much appreciated…