Dial M for Mayhem

How welcome now?

It was sad in this season of joy to read of two recent murders by Muslims. One was of a young medical student, Maria Landenberger, raped and drowned by an Afghan ‘migrant’. She was a volunteer at one of the refugee centres, and was biking home alone.  I don’t think this will do much for boosting the number of volunteers, at least of the female variety, nor of solitary bike rides, again by those of the fairer sex.  In fact, more and more of them will tend to stay home alone this Christmas.  Life is a changin’ in Germany, and there is Angela Merkel trying now to ban the burka.  Too little, too late, my dear Ms. Merkel.  Perhaps she could sell her burqa shtick by putting out a YouTube video of her dancing to the tag line ‘Ban the Burka’ to the Clash’s 1982  hit Rock the Casbah, which, recounting the good times to be had in North Africa, was released in a nostalgic time of somewhat happier Christian-Muslim relations.

Methinks that the likes of Merkel, like Obama, Clinton and the rest, are on their way out. Ironically, or tragically as one may see it, the young German murder victim was the daughter of a high-ranking European Union official, the same group of bureaucrats that helped foster this ungoverned emigrant-refugee disaster.  One can only hope that this motivates them to apply at least some modicum of reason to the influx of Islamic migrants across Europe and now North America.

Yes, I know that not all Muslims are like this (alleged) unfortunate and ungrateful murdering migrant misanthrope, but to let in nearly a million young, vigorous males whose moral code is, shall we say, quite different, even antagonistic, to your (even vestigial) Christian one, is not a recipe for societal cohesion. What is one to make of this report, that 1500 ‘jihadis’ have left the Middle East, dispersing throughout Europe to carry out, at least potentially, terrorist attacks?  Sure, some, most, may just drift away, but other will carry their zeal for Islam from the sands of Arabia to the pavestones of Brussels. Rock the Casbah?  One would fear even to rock Paris, even in the suburbs.

And, now, closer to home, the wife of prominent neurosurgeon Mohammad Shamji, also a physician herself, has been found murdered, her husband charged in the first degree.  He is a Muslim, she, a ‘white’ woman, was a convert to his faith upon her marriage. For some reason, the courts did not want her name released. I am not sure the deceased female doctor fully realized the strict Islamic view of women, which is not quite the same as the Christian one. Read further in the link provided above, and you will discover that she had recently applied for divorce, hoping to start a ‘new life’.  Perhaps her husband, in his mind, honorably disagreed, but we will allow the courts decide.

I will never tire of pointing out that some cultures just do not mix, for the basic reason that some religions, some ways of looking at the universe, just cannot get along, and no amount of ‘niceness’ can change that, without a deep and lasting conversion.  By ‘conversion’, I mean conversion to the truth, the fullness of which resides in the Church.  We need not look to Islam for extra truth, nor for clarity in our own revelation.  Sure, with ‘sunny ways Trudeau and the now-slightly-less-sunny Merkel, we can try to paper over with talk of ‘liberal values’, ‘toleration’ and ‘multiculturalism’, but reality will always, always eventually, burst on through, like Jack Nicholson’s grimacing face might have done in the sequel that was never made, the Shining of Sharia, with tragic results like these.

God rest the souls of these victims, and may the same God have mercy of those who carried out these nefarious acts.