Caveat Discipulus: The University of Western Ontario Triples Down

Yes, let students beware before laying down their – or their parents’ – money. The University of Western Ontario – now just Western University – in London (which I hardly count as an alma mater, for its nourishment of my mind was nutritionally deficient, and the environment was not very motherly, but where I studied for more years than I care to recall) has just announced, after tuition payments were due, by the bye, that anyone on campus in any ‘instructional space’, be they student, faculty, staff, visitor, user of the washrooms, or some lost soul in that denizen – must be triple-vaxxed. That is, two doses, along with the booster. Are they going to have security checkpoints at all entrances?

Here is their ‘occupational health physician’, Sonya Malone:

This decision supports the safety of our students, employees and our community with the goal of preserving our in-person experience…The last school year showed us that our campus community was on board with the masking and vaccination policy, which was the key to successfully completing the fall and winter terms in person.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. They would have successfully completed both terms whether or not they received the vaxx, social distanced, masked, as other regions and institutions have amply demonstrated.

Even  so, they seem dubiously aware that the ‘vaxxes’ don’t really work, for they “may still bring back mask and social distancing requirements”. All of these measures will be in place for at least a year, right through next summer.

We need not belabour the evidence building up with each passing day that these purported vaccines have serious side effects, particularly in the young, from paralysis, to stroke, myocarditis, to the spike in ‘sudden adult death syndrome‘, with no end in sight – except, perhaps, a very bad one.

What was that about the safety of the students?

Meanwhile, over at Fanshawe College in the same city, where, not entirely coincidentally they teach more practical disciplines, they’ve dropped all vaxx requirements. The real world matters, but I suppose not much to those in ivory-towered bubbles.

Speaking of reality, we will see which is the safer space, and whose students come through unscathed.