Against Bill C-7: Halt the Killing and the Madness

In one of those intriguing ironies of history, Pierre Trudeau legalized abortion, at the beginning of life, while it was left to his son, Justin, to legalize euthanasia, at the end of life – sicut pater, sicut filius. The evil siblings of abortion and euthanasia – which, at the end of the day, are murder, pure and simple – have expanded beyond their original and already malevolent scope and intention. Since 1988, and the Morgentaler vs. the Supreme Court of Canada decision, when Trudeau’s 1969 law was struck down, we have had no laws for abortion in Canada – it’s a gruesome free-for-all, between a woman – often in a tragic situation who needs help – and her physician, so to speak. And all paid for by the state, which is, you and I.

Justin Trudeau’s government legalized euthanasia – literally a ‘good death, but an evil euphemism for assisted murder-suicide – in June, 2016, with certain ‘safeguards’. Well, like abortion, these obstacles to full and free access to death are now being touted as unconstitutional, and, hence, Bill C-7, going through the Senate as I write, will expand the criteria to near-meaningless levels. Soon, it seems, you can be killed by a physician for any reason that strikes your fancy. And, to add to this macabre and malicious element to this, as the “MAiD to MAD” group argue, patients may soon be killed even without their full and proper consent. Certainly, physicians and others are already being coerced to co-operate, at least by referral.

Dr. Sephora Tang is a psychiatrist in Ottawa, who works who may contemplate suicide for mental health reason, and who has a recent op-ed in the National Post arguing rationally and quite vociferously for an end the madness, that we must instead offer proper psychiatric and palliative care to the suffering and vulnerable, so that one and all may be able to die a truly ‘good death’, when and how God so wills.

Pray, write, and may this insane obsession with the culture of death end soon.