A Time to Give Thanks, and a Time to Vote

A blessed and joyous Thanksgiving to all our readers, a greeting which we would have offered earlier, but some technical glitches got in the way.

Today is also the memorial of Saint Callixtus, who seems to have lived a rather dissolute and rebellious life in youth, but to have undergone a deep conversion at some point, being ordained a priest, then chosen Pope. He was known for his emphasis on God’s mercy, absolving sinners even of notorious sins, which scandalized some of the more austere bishops, including Hippolytus, who set himself up as anti-Pope in opposition, but he too was reconciled, and ended up a martyr and saint, along with Callixtus. All God needs is a movement of the heart towards Him; that is enough.

As we rejoice – or, by now, have rejoiced – over fellowship and food, we should keep in mind not only what good things with which God has blessed us, but also what we must face in the week, and weeks, ahead, with the election in Canada, and the synods in Rome and Germany.

Enjoy Paula Adamick’s article on why le Dauphin, Justin Trudeau, must not be re-elected. As de Tocqueville pointed out in his tour through America back in its beginnings, democracy works, sort of, but one must beware of the ‘tyranny of the majority’. That is, if most of the people – even a significant majority of those who actually vote – are on the government paycheque, and our nation is full of them, then they will hold the minority who do not have such benefits in a type of quasi-servitude. After all, any politician who speaks of cuts and balancing the books – all quite rational and necessary – is seen as a Scrooge, killjoy and heartless miser. Whereas Trudeau and his ‘sunny ways’ will keep the money hose flowing, that is, until the creditors come to call.

So ponder and pray, and vote with thy conscience, for which, as Saint Callixtus shows, we will all have to stand before God.