400th Anniversary of Saint Joseph as Patron of Canada


In 1624, Father Joseph LeCaron, an early Recollet missionary here in Canada, consecrated this land to Saint Joseph, adopting him as the nation’s patron saint. This was formally accepted by Pope Gregory XVI in 1834. So this year marks the 400th anniversary of Saint Joseph’s patronage. Canada is not done yet, for Saint Joseph is the silent, but strong, type, who acts just when needed.

We should pray more to Saint Joseph, and intercede for his help, as Brother André exhorted. Ite ad Joseph! I would exhort readers, whether Canadian or not, to join us in a novena to Saint Joseph, leading up to his Solemn feast on March 19th. The one to which we linked invokes him under his traditional titles in the Church.

May the great saint intercede for the needs of the Church, of our countries, and for all of us.

O Mighty Saint Joseph, ora pro nobis! +