Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Receives Official Accreditation

OLSW LogoYesterday, May 1st, on the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom received official recognition from the government of Ontario to grant degrees, specifically the ‘Bachelor of Catholic Studies’.  Providentially, the letter arrived three years to the very day that the application was first submitted, on the day dedicated to the dignity and value of human labour, exemplified in Saint Joseph and his divine foster Son. God is good and, as a wise woman once mentioned, is a God of surprises.

Congratulations to all those students, staff and faculty who worked so diligently to bring this about, after nearly seventeen years of apostolic work.

God be praised, and gratitude to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, Saint Joseph, Saint Thomas and all the saints and angels who have seen us through this far, and will, Deo volente, see us through many more years to come.