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Life, death, and lousy campgrounds

In the time that my family has been on the road, our journey has been predominantly dictated by where we my parents have to work, and since they work on railroad tracks, we usually end up in railroad towns. These are mostly small towns, but sometimes we end up in places that are actually still called villages—it says so on their garbage bins. One of the trickiest aspects of traveling through rural areas is finding a place to stay. In the ... (Continue reading)

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Helpless, but not hopeless

Yesterday I was sitting in a fairly uncomfortable chair in the dentist’s office with my mouth full of dental equipment and a couple pairs of hands. As I sat there, without even the ability to say “ouch,” I was struck by a feeling of helplessness. In addition to being unable to speak, I couldn’t see what was happening. I could hear, but since the language being spoken was dentalese, the only thing I knew was that the procedure had something ... (Continue reading)

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Elementary heroes

Every hero in every story worth telling has at least one thing in common with every other decent hero ever written. Each one must face an enemy that is absolutely, one hundred percent matched to his own skills and strengths. This is the one enemy that can utterly destroy the hero, the one enemy that he must face alone, the one enemy he must defeat, and the one enemy he cannot possibly defeat. It is, of course, himself. The idea that ... (Continue reading)

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