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Of Silence, Saint Death and Saint John


Feel free to peruse an article I just finished on Shuasku Endo's controversial novel Silence, published in 1966, and now soon to be released as a major Hollywood production.  The book follows a Jesuit missionary, Sebastian Rodrigues, forced to choose between apostasy, and saving a whole group of people being tortured.  The tale analyzes the nature of  faith, evangelization and love.  The 'controversial' bit is that Endo seems to imply that apostasy can in fact be the deepest form ... (Continue reading)

Pope John Paul II’s Final Christmas Address


For putting us spiritually into the Christmas spirit, here is the Pope Saint John Paul II's final Christmas address, from 2004, which seems now almost like another universe:  The world has changed, but also still much the same, and the words of the saintly Pope echo through time, unto eternity: 1. Christus natus est nobis, venite, adoremus! Christ is born for us: come, let us adore him! On this solemn day we come to you, tender Babe of Bethlehem. By your birth ... (Continue reading)

Christmas Terror


As a number of pundits have predicted, there was a terrorist attack in Berlin, at a Christmas festival, with a multi-ton 'lorry' smashing full speed into a stall selling mulled wine. Eleven people were killed by the truck, with scores wounded, some severely, and a twelfth victim, the operator of the truck, killed by an Islamic hijacker, who careened it into the market.   Just today, we heard that the alleged perpetrator was shot and killed by police in Milan, after ... (Continue reading)

Italian Marriage, Atlantic Bishops and Continuing Mayhem


From the extinction of marriage files:  Italy is considering officially removing the 'fidelity' aspect  in the promises of legal marriage; no longer will one have to be faithful to one's wife or husband (or, I suppose now, any significant 'partner'), and adultery, in its various manifestations, will no longer be grounds for divorce.  The Italian Senators argue that this a "cultural legacy from an outdated and obsolete view of marriage, family and the rights and duties of spouses,” according to ... (Continue reading)

Would A Real Conservative Please Stand Up?


Patrick Brown continues his castration of the Conservative Party of Ontario, this time rebuking a fellow MPP for making some off-hand comments about the Conservatives being, well, conservative. It seems Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nichols said the following at a dinner for Christian supporters, who may become rare in the near future; after admitting that the party would never be elected on a social conservative platform, he confessed: Social issues are very, very important. We need to form government, then watch ... (Continue reading)

Ad Multos Annos, Father de Valk!


Father Alphonse de Valk, Founding Editor of Catholic Insight, celebrated the 51st anniversary of his ordination quite fittingly on December 11th, the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For a retrospective of his colourful and full life, all in the cause of 'life', please see our post at this time last year. May he continue to do God's work for years to come. Ad multos annos, Father de Valk, and may God reward you for all you have done! (Continue reading)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Triumphs over Evil


We celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe today, a commemoration elevated to a feast on the eve of the Third Millennium by Pope John Paul II, who also declared  her patroness of all of ‘America’, south, central, and north.  Appearing to (now saint) Juan Diego in 1531, while the Protestant ‘Reformation’ was wreaking havoc  across the Atlantic in Europe, the Virgin tenderly asked ‘Juanito’ as she called him, and through him asked all of us, ‘Am I not your mother?’, to ... (Continue reading)

Dial M for Mayhem

How welcome now?

It was sad in this season of joy to read of two recent murders by Muslims. One was of a young medical student, Maria Landenberger, raped and drowned by an Afghan 'migrant'. She was a volunteer at one of the refugee centres, and was biking home alone.  I don't think this will do much for boosting the number of volunteers, at least of the female variety, nor of solitary bike rides, again by those of the fairer sex.  In ... (Continue reading)

Neo Pagan Micro Aggression


Today is the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (see my note to the side), so it as with some dismay that I read this lead article on this glorious morning, a male teacher at an elite private school in British Columbia, fired for uttering four words that may soon become illegal:  "I am against abortion". He was describing the distinction between people's own private sense of morality and the public law, which do not always correspond, something I also ... (Continue reading)

Further Thoughts on Pat and Sam

Sam and the other guy

Courtesy Hamilton News

As I mentioned in the slightly revised version of my Sam against the Leviathan article, young Sam Oosterhoff, as the balanced but unsympathetic Michael Den Tandt makes clear this morning, is being vilified for his rather moderate traditional views, with one commentator spewing out that an hour in a massage parlour should cure what he likely sees as the uptight young prude. As others have pointed out, it was curious and rather inexplicable that Sam's swearing in was delayed until ... (Continue reading)

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