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Neo Pagan Micro Aggression


Today is the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (see my note to the side), so it as with some dismay that I read this lead article on this glorious morning, a male teacher at an elite private school in British Columbia, fired for uttering four words that may soon become illegal:  "I am against abortion". He was describing the distinction between people's own private sense of morality and the public law, which do not always correspond, something I also ... (Continue reading)

Further Thoughts on Pat and Sam

Sam and the other guy

Courtesy Hamilton News

As I mentioned in the slightly revised version of my Sam against the Leviathan article, young Sam Oosterhoff, as the balanced but unsympathetic Michael Den Tandt makes clear this morning, is being vilified for his rather moderate traditional views, with one commentator spewing out that an hour in a massage parlour should cure what he likely sees as the uptight young prude. As others have pointed out, it was curious and rather inexplicable that Sam's swearing in was delayed until ... (Continue reading)

Of Dubia and Infants’ Rights


Concerning the 'dubium' put forward by the four cardinals, asking the Pope to clarify certain ambiguities in the recent post-Synodal Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, we can turn to Canon 212§3. of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, which  states that According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make ... (Continue reading)

Sam Against the Liberal Leviathan


Well, I have expanded my thoughts on young Sam Oosterhoff standing against the Liberal Leviathan, stumbling over our landscape and crushing just about everything in its wake. You can find the article for now on Crisis, and will be posted here soon.  The editor there gave me pause for thought:  Sam could not vote on the idiotic bill, for he was being sworn in the day after.  A clever ploy, perhaps from Patrick Brown, the Conservative 'leader', who demanded ... (Continue reading)

Young Sam and Somalis


Another Islamic terrorist attack in America, this time in Ohio, where a Somali-born student, 'self-radicalized' according to reports, went on a rampage with his car, ramming into a crowd of his fellow students, before jumping out and stabbing two with a butcher knife. A campus police officer checking out a nearby gas leak showed up at 9:43 a.m., and the perpetrator, refusing to drop the knife, was deceased by a police bullet at 9:43 a.m. God rest his troubled soul, ... (Continue reading)

The End of Castro


Justin Trudeau shows his true colours once again, eulogizing Castro as a 'friend' of his Dad's, who 'made significant improvements to the healthcare and education of his island nation', whom he also had the 'opportunity to meet', along with his Castro's three sons, ending up praising him as a 'remarkable leader'. The reaction has been swift and brutal, with the Prime Minister ridiculed with parodies of eulogies of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and so on, who also 'improved' their nations ... (Continue reading)

Philosophers, Trudeau and Trump

The New White House?

Today is the feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a woman 'renowned for her learning', put to death as a virgin martyr in 305 under Emperor Maximiam (whose wife the saint converted, and who was also thereby condemned).  The emperor brought in the best and brightest pagan philosophers to convince Catherine of the folly of Christianity, but Catherine's reasoning and eloquence bested them all.  So Maxentius resorted to the argument that ends all arguments, the ad baculum fallacy, or 'to ... (Continue reading)

Of Severed Heads, Pronoun Wars and Canaries


An Italian neurosurgeon, Sergio Canavero, is planning to head up the first human body-head transplant, taking the head from a man, Valery Spiridonov, who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy which confines him to a wheelchair, and putting it on the body of a 'brain dead' victim, I mean, donor. There are so many issues with this prospective $128 million operation, involving apparently 100 surgeons: There has never been a successful head transplant in any animal (at least one that ... (Continue reading)

Youthful Ambition Pays Big


So Mr. Oosterfhoff has won the by-election, becoming the youngest MP ever to win a seat in the provincial legislature.  I wish him and his constituents all the best, but still stand by what I wrote, that there should be certain criteria for leadership, whether by custom or by law.  Ideally, we as voters would and should just know who would make a good candidate, but things have become so disordered, the whole system so open to abuse, demagoguery, ... (Continue reading)

Laying Heavy Burdens of Carbon


John Robson is right, when he decries the hypocrisy of Prime Minister Trudeau and his entourage of 225 ‘delegates’ to the ‘climate change’ conference in sunny and warm Morocco.  Yes, you read rightly, that’s 200 plus 25, along with Trudeau, his whole family, and one may presume an in-law  and nanny or two, trailing one giant plume of exhaust, leaving a ‘carbon footprint’ worthy of a entire medium-sized African country.  Do not think these ‘elites’ will be dwelling in ... (Continue reading)

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