Wherefore Art Thou, Candidates?

What is one to say of our Prime Minister – or Prime Minstrel, as he has been dubbed – prancing around in blackface, curiously downplayed by the CBC and other Liberal-friendly media to perhaps the ontologically more accurate, yet morally slightly less damning, ‘brownface’ in media reports? Yet there really is no real way to mitigate this. Recall, this is our Prime Minister, and not all that long ago, covered head to toe in blackface.

Mark Steyn and Father Raymond de Souza do what they might, but no explanation will ever really plumb the depths of such a malformed conscience as Trudeau’s. But following Steyn’s take on the near-impossibility of maintaining their public virtue signalling, I was reminded of a skit in the John Cleese comedy series Fawlty Towers, wherein Cleese, running the eponymous resort and restaurant, orders his waiter never to mention ‘the war’ – meaning the Second World War – nor anything about Nazis, to a pair of sensitive German clients. Such is the pressure he puts on himself that the Cleese character himself begins slipping into such references, in a comedic psychological counter-reaction, and is soon Heil Hitlering and goose-stepping around the joint.

Such is the folly of the human heart, not least when it strays from God and His law. Trudeau’s skewed moral universe of ‘values’ – baby seals and carbon reduction are worth more than baby humans – is a false and brittle one, and I would surmise that, deep down, he knows that. Hence, his bizarre and creepy behaviour.

That all said, he can still buy as many votes as he might, with a recent promise to cancel fees for citizenship applications, so that all new immigrants can appreciate his sunny ways, bought, of course, with other people’s money. As the headline declared, Trudeau has figured that no one really cares about deficits, and I dare think he is right. Damn the torpedoes, and full steam ahead.

And poor Elizabeth May, photoshopped by her ‘team’ to look as though she is holding a metal straw and a reusable coffee mug, rather than the disposable one from which she was actually drinking. Whoever did this is, quite simply, a liar; as Saint Thomas says, we may deceive with our actions as well as with our words. But then, the ecological do-gooders have been caught in such howlers before. One need only recall the East Anglia scandal, wherein high-ranking ‘climate scientists’ admitted to faking data, to terrify people into compliance, since the end, in their mind, justifies any means at hand. Did the Greens really think they could get away with this? My dear mother used to quip in her Scotch brogue that ‘you can catch a thief, but ye canna catch a liar’. Like all aphorisms, thankfully, such is not universally true.

I wish Andrew Scheer would evoke, conjure up, enunciate, some, just some, truly  conservative principles, beyond the minor fiscal paper dressing that is the Conservative platform. He has just admitted that he will not even de-fund our paying for abortions overseas, and promises never to touch this ‘issue’, with a ten-foot canoe paddle (I paraphrase). What is the point, if Trudeau is driving 100 miles and hour off the cliff, and Scheer in the caboose doing 85? Does he have anything substantial to offer, besides just the ambition of wanting to be the next Prime Minister?

And Jagmeet Singh, a rich man from a rich family, is a barely concealed – nay, not even concealed – socialist, advocating dream-like polices that would simply spiral Canada into an even more grave bankruptcy. Here are his own words:

I believe in social democratic values, universal social programs like health care, but expanding them into more universal services like pharmacare and dental care,” Singh said. “Universal medical care should include services that are currently excluded. I want to expand single-tier medical services. I want to expand daycare, a national housing plan. I strongly believe in wealth redistribution.

Pharmacare? Dental care? Daycare? A ‘housing plan’, whatever that is? And this, when half of Ontario’s economy is already devoured by the leviathan that ‘health care’ has become?

Need I repeat, that debt, deficit, financial solvency, no longer seems to be mean much to most. That is, until the creditors call in their poker chips, and, to recall John Cougar Mellencamp, the walls come tumblin’ down.

All the candidates, besides the Conservative, are gung-ho on abortion, euthanasia, LGBTQ rights, transgenderism, the continued corruption of children in classrooms and libraries, and climate change, the endless tripe on climate change. Not a word of God, of transcendence, of any sort of life after this one, of ordering means to the end and purpose of human life. And poor Mr. Scheer, whatever his private thoughts, does not seem willing to do much to stem the blood-dimmed tide. As one headline had it, this is a dreary election, with three candidates punching holes in the Titanic, while the other rearranges the deck chairs.

So here we are, dear reader. On the brink of that aforementioned precipice, perhaps. But God has His ways of intervening, when and how He so wills. We may take some hope in that, as well as in our loved ones, our angels guardian, the saints, our families, our religion, in fine conversation, good books, music and our prayers. Far more solid and happy ground than politics.