Update on Bill C-7, ‘MAiD’, and Free-for-All Euthanasia

It seems the Senate has voted down the amendment that would have protected the freedom of conscience of health care professionals.  All hope is not yet lost, as we can still petition our Members of Parliament to ‘kill the bill’ when it returns to the House of Commons after the Senate vote today.
The Senate will vote on the amended Bill C7 today, Ash Wednesday (of all days) Feb 17th. Offer up your prayer, fasting and good works!
The House of Commons will then consider the amended Bill (if amended at all by the house of ‘sober second thought’) T
Then, the lower court in Quebec which heard the Truchon case extended the decision coming into effect until Feb 26th
For a very good analysis of the MAiD and mental illness prepared by Dr. John Maher can be found here.
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Action items

1. Tell your MP to Kill the Bill. Find your MP here.

2. Complete the CPSO survey on MAiD (everyone can complete this survey not just Ontario physicians). Find survey links and guide here.

3. If you are in Ontario – write to your MPP. Find your MPP here.