Two Significant Years of Saint Thomas

Triumph of St Thomas Aquinas, Doctor Communis, between Plato and Aristotle, Benozzo Gozzoli, 1471. Louvre, Paris. ( domain)

Last July 18th marked the 700th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Pope John XXIII in 1323. Next March 7th, 2024, is the 750th anniversary of his death, on the way to the Council of Lyons. And next January, 28th, 2025, is the 800th anniversary of Thomas’ birth (and the day of his current feast, when his relics were moved to Toulouse).

The point is that for the whole of these two years, Vatican is offering a plenary indulgence to anyone who participates spiritually in this celebration:

The indulgence can be obtained by making a pilgrimage to a holy site connected to the Dominican Order to either take part in the jubilee celebrations or “at least devote a suitable time to pious recollection,” concluding by praying the Lord’s Prayer, reciting the Creed, and invoking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Any church, shrine, or chapel currently entrusted to the Dominican Order can meet the requirements for the pilgrimage.

Good can still come out of Rome, and may the clarity of Saint Thomas’ thought help us see our way through the current darkness.

Sancte Thoma, ora pro nobis! +