Trudeau’s Trip and Trump’s Transfer

Justin Trudeau has returned empty-handed from his trip to China, hoping to secure a free-trade deal, or at least talks leading to such a deal, or talks leading to talks, or…well, something. Poor Justin, with his ums and ahs interrupting his rather vague speeches, his smirky smile and boyish looks, makes not an imposing presence, I would think, to the Chinese delegates, who can see through Western hollowness. What can Canada’s economy of 30-plus million souls add to China’s billion-plus, nearly thirty times bigger, and growing. To add to his awkwardness, Mr. Trudeau bundles up his economic initiatives with a quasi-religious zeal about his own ‘issues’, including ‘gay’ and transgender rights, climate change, ecology, and on it goes.  The Chinese, who are building coal plants as fast as they can dig the black stuff out of the ground, just smile, pat our young PM on the head, feed him some of their fine cuisine, and, as the Scotch song has it, send him homewards, to think again.

Donald Trump has decided to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, controversial to say the least, for the Muslims in Palestine also claim the ancient city as their capital, sacred to Islam (supposedly Muhammad ‘ascended’ into heaven from Temple Mount on a ladder of light with the angel Gabriel). Well, the Muslims, at least officially, want a ‘two-state’ solution, sharing the city with the Jews, while Trump seems to be declaring that the city is the capital of Israel.  The Jews, whose religion is based on God’s revelation, have more spiritual right than the Muslims, whose religion is not. The adherents of the ‘religion of peace’, as is their wont, have planned at least two ‘days of rage’ against the President’s decision. We will have more to say on this issue in an upcoming article by Paula Adamick.

One might think that Los Angeles is receiving some kind of divine retribution, with these quasi-apocalyptic wildfires, burning down the homes of the most rich and famous, alongside those not so rich and famous. We should pray that whatever these fires signify, that lives are spared, and as much property as may be preserved under God’s providential care, whose mercy triumphs over His justice.