Onward, Christian Soldiers!

George Buscemi is right, and his words should be read by all our bishops and priests and everyone sitting in the pews wondering what is going on around us. We are at war, and must rediscover what it means to be the ‘Church militant’, fighting the forces of evil, the world, the flesh and the devil. This battle is primarily within, and for, our own souls, for without such interiore conversione, that total dedication to Christ and His Church in our minds, souls and bodies, we will be ineffective, or worse, and peril our own eternal loss. But it is also against all those elements warring against our churches, our homes, ours families, our children, our consciences, to defend, rebuild and invigorate Christianity, and leaven society with her salviific truth.

The current insouciance of so many is not a healthy sign, and we must all resist the encroaching evil, in what ways we might, and are able, by the grace of God, for which we must pray. So the ramparts, and onward, Christian soldiers! Fear not the battle, nor the loss of our goods, even our bodies. This is not an eternal war – for the victory is also won and assured – but it is one for eternity, on which we must stake quite literally everything.