Theology on Tap – New Location

So, due to some last-minute, ah, difficulties, with which I was not directly involved, the Theology on Tap talk this evening has been moved, to the hall of Saint Columbkille’s cathedral. Apparently, some people considered the topic ‘unsafe’, for reasons unclear to me. The theme was simply the principles which constitute the various forms of ‘societies’, public and private, that constitute the milieu in which we live, which could apply according to their conscience. There was no mention in what I planned to say of the ‘issues’ with which certain people are currently exercised.

However, here is what Bored and Saucy’s, the original location, had to say:

Please note that to tonight’s speaker series Theology-on-Tap – as Catholic perspective on diversity, will not be held at J&Es Restaurant and Sports bar. We are a safe and inclusive space, and our guests and staff would assuredly not feel they were in a comfortable space with the content of tonights topic.
Thank you
Laurel Andrews
Front of House Manager
J&E’s Restaurant and Sports bar

I was told – albeit indirectly – that the talk had to be ‘respectful’, and, since I’m not sure what that term means – that is, what they might mean by that term – we decided to move the talk. Free speech is a fundamental right. If you don’t like what someone has to say, rebut it with your own arguments, or feel free to not read or listen. But to constantly walk on eggshells, avoiding even ambiguous terms that may be misconstrued, for the sake of avoiding offending uber-sensitive souls seeking safe spaces in a public venue, is no way to live in a free society.

We will have to say on this in future posts, especially on censorship and the state, but, for now, Those who run the restaurant, as a private business, can do what they like, but so can I, and I will take what business I have elsewhere.