The Vatican, Paris and Climate Follies

The Vatican has signed on to the problematical Paris Accord on Climate Change, apparently without reservations. Here are some thoughts.

We’ve written before on the vague and uncertain nature of ‘climate change’, not least since the term itself is tautological, explaining everything, and, ergo, nothing. If someone could explain precisely what is meant by climate change, I might be more amenable, for, of course, the climate is by definition always changing. Is it changing too violently? If so, when will success be determined?

Might not some level of global warming – or at least climatological variations through epochs – be a good thing? After all, in geological terms, we just emerged from an ice age, with mile-thick glaciers covering much of North America.

Yes, there are bad environmental practices, usually with regional deleterious effects. But will any of these draconian policies instantiated do anything, especially with China, perhaps the worst polluter in human history, unaffected? Wreaking havoc with the economy – and, as we see with the Dutch farmers, food production – seems rather imprudent, if not plain evil, as people’s lives and livelihoods are destroyed. How much are they willing to sacrifice?

The worst aspect of this, however, is the Malthusian anti-human element, that there are just too many of us, and the population must be culled, passively or actively.

The Church has ended up with egg on her face in linking herself to uncertain science (and all empirical science is to some extent uncertain – and see the scandal of the Pontifical Academy for Life advocating for contraception and artificial reproduction, claiming that ‘science can change’, comparing Humane Vitae’s moral teachings to Ptolemy’s outmoded geocentrism! Oh, the folly and hubris!).

Yes, dear reader, the greater scandal is the silence of the Vatican on the embedded population control agenda – abortion, sterilization, child limits – advanced by ‘climate change’ zealots. Where are our shepherds?

Go forth and multiply, said the Lord, and there is plenty of room and resources at the inn of the Earth for us all, if we but trust in Him, and use science and technology wisely.