The Tragic Tale of David Reimer

David Reimer, 1965 - 2004, requiescat in pace. (

Last year, Mark Steyn hosted Tal Bachman, who wrote a series of articles on culture, the final eleven of which were on the sordid origins of gender reassignment surgery, in which the American physician John Money took advantage of his sometime patient, David Reimer, from Winnipeg. By the bye, Tal is the son of Canadian rocker Randy Bachman (‘Takin’ Care of Business’, et al.). Tal himself had a hit back in the nineties, with ‘She’s So High Above Me’, but here he is in his mid-life as quite an insightful conservative commentator.

I’ve wanted to collate his series ever since, for ease of access, for you will read things here you likely will not find elsewhere. Much of this tragic tale is swept under the carpet, where it has festered and metastasized into the current mengelian horrors of gender dysphoric children having body parts lopped off, sterilized with hormones and sent on their merry way with nary a thought. As Tal points out, after such treatment – if the reader may pardon the term – these patients have a 2000 percent increase in suicide rates. And our own Prime Minister has just made illegal any other form of treatment, besides aiding, abetting and exacerbating in tragic, irrevocable ways their psychological disorder. If woe is unto those who scandalize God’s little ones, what will He say of those who have helped perpetrate this moral quagmire?

A perusal of the whole series is well worth the reader’s time, to see how we got here from there.

Part X

Part XI

Part XII


Part XIV

Part XV

Part XVI



Part XIX

Part XX

Part XXI