The Horror, the Horror, of the FDA

Last Friday, the Biden administration permitted the use, sale and distribution of ‘fetal tissue’, which means the various body parts and organs of unborn children, a horrific practice that President Trump had made illegal. Biden’s act signifies, in the words of Pope John Paul II, yet further descent into a barbarism that we had thought we had left behind forever.

But apparently not. Joseph Biden, a self-professed Catholic clutching his rosary and receiving Communion, has gone beyond legalizing the ‘choice’ of abortion, into the degradation of the unborn child:

At President Biden’s direction, the Department of Health and Human Services reversed the Trump administration’s policy protecting preborn Americans from the callous dehumanization of organ harvesting and further desecration of their bodies in research disguised as “science”

And this, the man whom certain bishops have praised as a man of upright character, and for whom they would ‘over the other guy’.

You may read, if you will and can stomach it, this summary by Edie Heipel of the various practices permitted by the ill-named ‘FDA’, which may as well now stand for ‘find, destroy, abort’. Warning: There is graphic (verbal) content herein, but it signifies the demonic depths of the abortion ‘industry’. Yet like all deep evil, it seems so detached, clinical, even monetary, mercenary and transactional.

The bishops have condemned this practice, but, in response to a question from an EWTN reporter (God bless them!), the White House administration ‘respectfully disagrees’.

What will be bishops’ response to this hubris and defiance? Is this all there is? Is there a line in the sand, and is not the blood of children crying out for some sort of retribution?

To return to Pope John Paul, and the warning that Biden, Trudeau (and all of us) should take deeply to heart: It is precisely in the “flesh” of every person that Christ continues to reveal himself and to enter into fellowship with us, so that rejection of human life, in whatever form that rejection takes, is really a rejection of Christ.