The Fight Ain’t Over

Trudeau and his Liberals have announced that they intend, if re-elected, to double down on double mandatory vaccination, if not perpetual boosters on the horizon. Odd, that Trudeau just recently insisted, hand over his heart, that he has never, ever, ever, forced anyone to get vaccinated. I think Trudeau should look up the word ‘mandatory’, declining its Latin origins while he’s at it.

But here we go again…

Mandatory Vaccination

It’s one thing to choose a given medical treatment – in this case, a not-fully-tested genetic therapy – and quite another to foist it on the entire population, woman, man, child and baby. And then to reduce those who demur from receiving this treatment to dhimmi status, living in ghettoes, their rights stripped, unable to travel – is not only forcing people, it’s contrary to the Nuremberg code and most definitely not a recipe for national unity, to saying nothing of what it will do to divide towns, villages, families, and all the rest of society.

Evidence is now irrefutable that this therapy does not stop one getting or transmitting covid. Proponents are now reduced to claiming that it ‘reduces symptoms’, an a priori hypothesis impossible to prove a posteriori. How does anyone know the extent of their symptoms of covid, before getting covid? Keep in mind that the average age of those dying from covid is older than the statistical average age death itself. And that’s before we try to parse those dying ‘from’ covid from those dying ‘with’ covid, something is now by and large impossible.

Even if one could somehow offer evidence that the jabs somehow reduced ‘viral load’, one would have to demonstrate that they were so proportionately beneficial – a matter of life and death for all concerned – that universal, mandatory, coerced vaccination was warranted. This does not, to put it mildly, seem to be true, and the more this ‘narrative’ is forced upon us, the more suspicious one becomes.

And we should not forget the link of this therapy to the crime of abortion, which has been swept under the carpet.

Then we have the growing evidence of truly life-threatening side effects – blood clots, strokes, myocarditis, cancers – which the medical establishment and mainstream media are trying to hide behind a giant curtain. And one is unsure how ‘side’ they are. Even an ideologue such as Trudeau – along with numerous other advocates – have been forced to backpedal, and admit that this therapy can be harmful, at least to some. Only time, and evidence, will tell the full extent, but a Damoclean sword of some sort hangs over the heads of those who have received this treatment, and many of those who have gone along so far are now adamant that enough is more than enough. As I heard related from someone after his sixth booster (!), ‘I’m starting to think this is a scam’.

Better late than never, and, we might add, in my end is my beginning. Every Canadian should stand against this metastasizing tyranny, if not for yourselves, at least for your children, and your children’s children.

Only so may we keep our Dominion true, north, strong and, yes, free. +