Telling Statistics

The following was just posted in the Peterborough-Lindsay region, in southern Ontario, Canada: 711 new cases: 322 of those ‘unvaccinated’, and 314 ‘fully vaccinated’. The total cases in Ontario: 609,429, with 594,602 resolved. And 9,955 deaths.

Just a few take-aways:

The ‘vaccine’ does not seem to be all that effective. The same number of cases amongst the ‘vaxxed’ and those not so is not a cause for rejoicing, but deep concern.

We have just over 700 cases in a province with a population of 13,448,494.

And, since Covid landed on our shores, there have been 9,955 deaths in the same province – a fraction of 1% -with most of those septuagenarians or octogenarians, and many of them with comorbidities.

Each death is a tragedy, but we must keep things in perspective and in proportion. We are up-ending western civilization, instantiating a totalitarian regime, and, just today here in Ontario, foisting these inoculations on five-to-eleven year-olds, who, even if the treatment were effective, need it not. Yet, there are the mothers staring into the television cameras, submerged in fear from relentless propaganda, rejoicing that their innocent moppets can now be jabbed, when they are likely already naturally immune.

All the while, the evidence of the deleterious side-effects of this genetic therapy is bursting through even the nigh-impenetrable stone wall of MSM censorship. Paralysis, stroke, myocarditis, heart attacks, neurological damage, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre. Yes, these may only manifest in a small minority, at least for now, but how much risk is too much? It is one thing for consenting adults to make that choice, but to subject our children to such… well, what is one to say? The long-term effects of this may not be known for decades.

It may be futile to appeal to the Covid zealots, but to those of good will and reasonable mind, when will you have eyes to see and ears to hear?