Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Lies come in all types – Half-lies, white lies, truthful lies, lying truths, and the ‘damned lies’ of statistics.  Saint Thomas, following Augustine, defines a lie as a falsehood told with the intention of deceit, and he distinguishes them based on their intent: Jocose, for fun; officious, for a good reason; and malicious, for evil purpose. All of them are intrinsically evil, for deliberately lying sets on the primrose path of evil, making us akin to the devil, the ‘father of lies’. Some get so used to lying they scarcely know they’re doing so, burying their falsity deep within their psyches, their seared and tortured conscience known only to God.

Here is Justin Trudeau, now admitting that some people have ‘probably gotten very sick from vaccinations’ – imagine that! – and that he ‘never forced anyone to get vaccinated’.

How much obfuscation, obloquy and muddled mendaciousness can one man fit into a two minute sound bite? Perhaps not surprising, for a coddled princeling surrounded by sycophants – like the solipstistic emperors of a decadent and dying Rome who believed what they wanted to believe. Notice the hand over his heart, as though trying to convince himself as much as anyone else that what he is saying is somehow true. It’s about as true as Bill Clinton claiming he ‘did not have sex with that woman’ – which boils down to what one means by ‘sex’.

Just so, with ‘force’. Sure, Trudeau didn’t send SWAT teams around to every household to body slam Canadians onto a gurney and ‘forcibly’ vaccinate them – although some were waiting for it.

But to be given a choice between

a) getting a not-fully-tested ‘vaccine’, which was in reality an experimental gene-therapy which, as quickly became apparent and many suspected from the get-go, had deleterious, damaging and even deadly side-effects


b) losing one’s job, livelihood, mortgage, house, status, right to education, to travel, to leave and enter one’s own country, to worship, to enter any public building or restaurant – in other words, to become a total social pariah –

Well, that dilemma enters into some level of ‘force’. Use the term ‘coercion’ if you like, which is force without the physicality.

What does the Prime Minister think the Freedom Convoy was all about, except the draconian policies that truckers – and many other professions – had to get ‘vaxxed’ to keep not only their jobs, but the country operational?

Trudeau ‘forced’ people to get vaccinated, just as Bill Clinton did have ‘sexual relations’ with his intern. Vraiment, non mensonge. 

Only the truth will set you free.