Sudden Socialsm

The dear reader should ponder this interview with Pierre Manent, which summarizes what is wrong with this imposition of near-universal house arrest, and the subjugation of the citizenry. Whatever one thinks of the lockdown, we should all ponder the insidious evil of socialism and collectivism. The fact that the entire citizenry of Europe, along with many parts of America, Australia, and Asia, have meekly accepted overnight, without even a whimper, what amounts the imposition of a total police state, shows how propaedeutically prepared we have all become, as pliant citizens, to what George Orwell predicted in Animal Farm. What is given and taken, can also be taken away.

If one had predicted this even two months ago, one would have been thought a paranoid, dystopic chicken little. But reality is oft stranger than fiction.

The worst aspect of socialism – and this crisis – is what it does to shrivel the human soul, already not in good condition. That government dole will rot your soul, sang the great Stan Rogers in his ballad The Idiot, as Trudeau shovels more fiat money into the hands of Canadians forced into solitary sedentarism.

That is the underlying plague, upon which our focus should be primary.