Stop the Moral Slide in Sri Lanka

The Dolawatta bill presently in parliament, seeks to change Sri Lanka’s penal code in order to create rights to private and public expression of behaviour such as grossly indecent unnatural carnal intercourse, as associated with unspecified sexual orientations.  This change in law, as with the attempts to legalise the killing of the pre-born through abortion, are driven by Western governments and their representatives in the UN, in particular the UN CEDAW Committee and the UN HRC.

This bill once enacted will provide homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual practitioners to express their orientation in their public conduct, and it will be a violation of their rights, and illegal for citizens of good conscience to object to such acts, even when they occur in the presence of and cause scandal to children.

Further, such behaviour and states of life and the associated ideology will become normalised in culture, through the media and the educational material provided in schools for our children.  So-called “marriages” between people of the same sex, or of mixed groups will proceed, and those living in such arrangements will take innocent children and form “families”.

Legalised transgenderism will enable men certified as women to enter female bathrooms and other private spaces of women, and compete with women legally in sport and for diversity-privileged power positions in institutions.  

Empathy and compassion are certainly due to individuals struggling with disordered sexual propensities or with gender dysphoria.  Sanctioning of carnal behaviour against the order of nature, and the affirmation of errors of judgement regarding biological identity, would be of disservice to these persons.  They deserve to be told the truth and their rehabilitation needs to be authentically supported.  

In order to protect the bedrock of society – which is marriage between a man and a woman that gives rise to the natural family, and for the sake of public decency, social propriety and civilizational sanity, we appeal to the people of Sri Lanka, the professionals, the media, the clergy – and to people of good will all over the world, to urge the parliamentarians to reject this bill which constitutes a substantial descent of the nation’s moral and spiritual situation, and constitutes a trigger for a multitudinous disastrous fallout.

Cultura Vitae – a movement of concerned citizens who seek to uphold the dignity of marriage, the natural family and the inherent value of human beings from their conception until natural death.


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